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Sprinklers Kill Server - Backup Your Data

Your company accounts can be happily sitting on your server for years with no problems whatsoever, but in the instance that something does go wrong, it’s reassuring to know that... Read more about 'Sprinklers Kill Server - Backup Your Data'...

2016 Breakfast Seminar – 24th May - Save the Date


Paprika is pleased to announce that our annual user group will be held on the 24th May at techUK. Read more about '2016 Breakfast Seminar – 24th May - Save the Date'...

Paprika Acceleration Seminar:

This 3 hour masterclass will increase your understanding of your Paprika database and supply you with the expert knowledge needed to speed-up reconciliation and month-end procedures. Read more about 'Paprika Acceleration Seminar:'...

User Defined Alerts – What Are They?

User Defined Alerts

Have you ever wanted to set up certain parameters against your jobs, which once breached, triggers an alert in Paprika and sends an email to nominated staff? For instance, if... Read more about 'User Defined Alerts – What Are They?'...

Kingston Smith 2015 Report Summary: Could PR Overtake Media Buyers as the Most Profitable Marketing Discipline?

November saw the release of the Kingston Smith ‘Financial Performance of Marketing Services Companies 2015’ report, and it has to be said – it made for interesting reading. Read more about 'Kingston Smith 2015 Report Summary: Could PR Overtake Media Buyers as the Most Profitable Marketing Discipline?'...

Mystery St. Nikolaus Visits Paprika HQ

santa final

  Read more about 'Mystery St. Nikolaus Visits Paprika HQ'...

Top Tips to a Successful Implementation

Fully integrated job costing and accounting systems are a major financial investment and take a significant amount of time and effort to implement successfully. Read more about 'Top Tips to a Successful Implementation'...

Paprika Goes Pink!

pink day

In the UK alone, 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some point in their lifetime, making it the most common cancer in the UK. Read more about 'Paprika Goes Pink!'...

Payment Date V’s Expected Payment Date: Two Very Different Things.

unrival 1

When looking to take on new clients, many businesses look at credit ratings to determine if they will get paid, but Maxwell Painter, CEO, Unrival, asks how many agencies factor... Read more about 'Payment Date V’s Expected Payment Date: Two Very Different Things.'...

New Paprika and i2 Version Release

For those of you that haven’t heard, Paprika version 8.0.1 has been out for about a month now and our early adopters are already making use of its new features. Read more about 'New Paprika and i2 Version Release'...

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Paprika is a powerful business tool, giving you complete control of your projects from inception to billing and beyond.

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A number of our clients use Paprika. The feedback is that it is a sound integrated job costing and accounts system and more that can support agencies at all ends of the spectrum.

Mandy Merron, Partner, Kingston Smith W1