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Are you ready to embrace i2 version 2.19?


Say hello to new i2 programs to perform at your best

It’s a time for giving. Our Development Team have been working hard to spice up 2.19 and here comes your Santa Claus:

  • Keep track of your clients and manage invoicing with Client Tracker.
  • Get full control over company spending with the fantastic new Pleo Credit Card Expense Import, which we hope is the first of many import routines in i2.
  • Speed up invoice processing with Purchase Invoice Entry.
  • Finally, a report that has been in high demand is the Missing Time report, which we have teamed with Time Processing to provide you with the best Christmas package.
Image 1: i2 Client Tracker Dashboard Tab

Image 1: i2 Client Tracker Dashboard Tab


Client Tracker

Client Tracker now completes the set! 16 tabs allow you to keep a close eye on your clients. It’s a full client overview and puts all the information in one place.

Data is displayed in dashboards and can be user definable to produce graphs and charts.

Image 2: i2 Client Details tab

 Image 2: i2 Client Details Tab


Check out the "Invoices Unpaid" tab to track all Unpaid Invoices. Overdue invoices are easy to spot on with a nice Overdue colour bar section to make credit controlling so much easier.

Image 3: i2 Invoices Unpaid

Image 3: i2 Invoices Unpaid


The "Jobs" tab is a great way of getting a quick overview of what’s been happening in the lifetime of any job for a specific client, with a handy filtering option.

Image 4: i2 Client Tracker Jobs tab

Image 4: i2 Client Tracker Jobs tab

Pleo Credit Card Expenses Import

We have teamed up with Pleo, the payment card solution that automates expense reports and simplifies company spending to provide you with an integrated simple spending solution for your business. Here is our new import routine for your expenses.


Purchase Invoice Entry

You will now be able to use i2 to record the incoming Purchase Invoice where it can be fully or partially matched, this coupled with our OCR functionality, which makes i2 a one-stop shop for all things Supplier related.

You can get more information by contacting the Helpdesk or Customer Care to begin the process.

Missing Time Report

For those of you who spend a lot of time chasing timesheet entry, our new i2 Missing Time report is here to make your lives easier. This report has 2 new options which allows you to tailor to your agency and give it that personal touch. And, what’s more, we can even automate the running of this report for you, saving you yet more time out of your busy day.

Get in touch with our Client Engagement team who would be happy to show you how.

Image 6: i2 Missing Time Report

Image 6: i2 Missing Time Report

Time Processing

We made for you the ability to access Time Processing via i2. Drop us a line or emails us so we can walk you through how to automate this process!

E-mail from within Paprika i2

As another time saving feature, we now have a new e-mail format option that allows you to e-mail directly from the download icon.

Click the Download button in i2’s toolbar but on the modal that appears select ‘Email.pdf’ from the Format options to open an Email modal containing the normal emailing options.

Image 7: i2  New E-mail Format

Image 7: i2 New E-mail Format


To book your remote demonstration of the new features click here






We have been looked after well over the years, and with new projects on the horizon know that we will get the service we need to be able to deliver new and better improvements to how we operate both here in the UK and abroad.

Selwyn Pye, Head of Financial Operations, Iris Worldwide