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What Paprika offers

Whatever your job role within an agency, Paprika is flexible enough to meet your exact demands. Simply use the features you need, and switch off the ones you don’t. 

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Managing clients and contacts

Empower your team to take control of external relationships.

Manage client, supplier and industry contact relationships with ease.

Client management: Add new clients and update records quickly and easily, along with all the details you need – from brands, campaigns and jobs, through to charges and mark-up rates. All in one central location.

Simple and intelligent enquiry tools provide an easy way to gain an overall view of your clients and the status of their jobs. Choose what you see and what you hide – and drill down into jobs for more detail.

Contact management: Puts a powerful yet easy-to-use marketing tool at your fingertips.

Assign contact tasks, view contact history, and schedule future contact, all with a few simple clicks, reducing administration time considerably.

Job costing

Quick job set-up, estimating and tracking.

Stay in control of jobs from end to end.

Job records: Enjoy fast and simple job set-up from user-defined templates.

Create jobs around a client's brief, capturing job specific information, milestones and key personal associated with the job. They're easily linked to estimates, purchase orders, client billing and the nominal ledger – with multiple jobs being linked into projects or campaigns.

Estimating: Job estimates can be built quickly via time required at the client's agreed charge rate, third party costs and expenses – at both cost and selling price. Multiple revisions provide version control perfect for easy internal approval.

Purchase orders: The raising of purchase orders and client invoices is based on the job estimate, so that actual values are immediately compared with estimate values. Supplier invoices entered can be immediately matched and reconciled.

Resource scheduling

Organise and enable your resources to meet the demand.

Time Planner split screen view Time Planner Full view

Simple tools to help manage your resourcing needs.

Work scheduling: Paprika's simple drag-and-drop scheduling tool lets you quickly build unlimited diary views for individuals, a team or the whole agency. 

Reports can be produced comparing schedules with the original client estimate and actual results – the basis for Paprika's calculation of over- or under-servicing.

Resource planning: Agency resources can be planned at a strategic long-term level, or at a more detailed day-to-day level, and over any time period at a job or job task level.

Take control via Gantt charts, to-do lists and traffic status reports.

Time entry

Powerful time capture and entry – on your terms.


Efficient time management is the backbone of any profitable agency.

Time entry: We've made it as simple as possible to have every agency employee log time quickly, with the minimum of effort.

Time can be entered through a daily or weekly "Paprika timesheet", logged directly from your schedule against jobs or a particular task – with Paprika prompting for missing time if required. Agency staff can log time via an iPhone app too.

Time analysis: Staff costs are usually an agency’s greatest cost so the analysis of time is important. Paprika allows the slicing and dicing of time information at the touch of a button.

Once entered, Paprika can analyse the consumption of time by client, brand or job, by task type and activity, and by person and revenue stream. 


Powerful accounting features, fully integrated with the job costing system.

Multi-company, multi-currency, fully customisable.

Accounting functions: Paprika’s powerful accounting system comprises nominal, sales and purchase ledgers and cashbook, together with corporate budgeting and forecasting.

Its full integration with the job costing system means that both accounting and job data can be viewed via customisable reports and on-screen enquires. Drill down from the accounting system to job data for more detail, and complete clarity. 

Cash Book: The Paprika cashbook functions allow the entry of sales receipts and supplier payments in any currency.

The cash book also deals effectively with all other payments and receipts, providing a fast and simple entry for all cash transactions – all from a single screen.


Manage freelancers and third-party suppliers and help control costs.

Order Entry screen

Control additional agency services and take control of the purchasing lifecycle.

Purchasing function: Paprika's streamlined purchasing function makes it simple to manage the relationship with users' third party suppliers, and control third-party costs.

A fully integrated purchasing system brings together estimates, automated quote raising, order placing, and invoice processing.

With complete visibility of cost to the job and comprehensive reporting and analysis tools, users can easily plan ahead for third party services – and effectively prepare for future billable projects.


Simple invoicing for complete confidence in estimates and invoices.

SINV Entry screen SINV Invoice Line Detail

Have confidence in your billing with all your costs recorded.

Client Billing: Customisable client invoices can be produced directly from job estimates, ensuring that nothing can be overlooked come billing time. Paprika supports multiple billing methods including time and materials, fixed price and retainer. 

Sales Ledger: The Paprika sales ledger enables clients to be invoiced quickly using a variety of billing methods.

Cash received can be entered and matched to invoices; aged debt reports can be produced, and credit control facilities leveraged. Includes a full client transactional history and reporting tools for added control.

Reporting and forecasting

Produce configurable financial reports and forecasts that actually help you manage.

Complete clarity – past, present and future.

Reporting: Paprika’s extensive reporting capabilities allow users to create reports of both the job costing and accounting data – both current and historic. Reports can be viewed on screen, printed or downloaded directly to Excel.

Reports are highly configurable, and give users quick and easy access to all the relevant client data, which can be drilled down into for more detail.

Forecasting: Forecast data with ease with Paprika's simple, easy-to-use tool. Produce reports based on future hours, with rules to ensure data isn't missed, mass update functions, and extrapolation of data.

Global integration and support

Joins up resources across multiple companies and currencies.

Support for agency group structures across multiple currencies.

Global implementation, local installation and support: Paprika supports international collaborative working, group resourcing and time recording, assisting in cross selling, and easing the consolidation reporting burden.

Implementation of Paprika and client support is provided by our offices in the UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, the USA and Singapore. Our clients operate in over 20 countries.

Global implementations of Paprika are performed by our local country staff who have a detailed knowledge of local requirements and regulations, with coordination from our global implementations team.

Our support staff speak a range of languages as their mother tongue, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Hungarian.

Flexible access and interfaces

Paprika is available anywhere, anytime.

24/7 access to your agency management tools.

Available on the cloud or as an installed system, Paprika provides users with 24/7 access, wherever they are. All that's needed is internet access.

iPhone apps are now available to make on-the-go access even easier, and we have a range of new products in the pipeline to further enhance our mobile offering.

Designed to grow with your business

Flexible licensing and training when you need it.

Whatever your ambitions for growth, Paprika can scale with your business.

Flexible growth: Paprika has a licence model where the majority of staff can use shared licences but retain their own identity for audit purposes. The licence model gets progressively cheaper as the number of users increases and of course this model gives you plenty of scope for expansion without the unnecessary requirement to purchase more licences.

Staff training: We recognise that the use of any system is not just about knowing which button to press. It also involves understanding what the data means and the terms used.

With Paprika we can change all the terminology of the system to reflect your culture, and provide finance training for non-finance staff so that there is an appreciation across the organisation of the key performance indicators.

Paprika has brought short- and long-term benefits to Four Communications: a much more commercial approach, hugely streamlined processes and fantastic management data at the click of the mouse.

Nan Williams, Group Chief Executive, Four Communications