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Vision Nine Group

It doesn’t seem long ago that the main business of Vision Nine Group was curating events for some of the largest youth brands and entertainment properties. Now, 75% of their business is managing their own events such as Boardmasters, Nass and their iconic Spring and Halloween Masked Balls.

In total, the business is responsible for creating and growing 5 festivals of varying sizes from 5,000 to 150,000 attendees. The largest being their Boardmasters festival which offers a “unique blend of music and waves”.

Vision Nine, then called Sportsvison, installed Paprika back in 2010 as an all-encompassing system that manages both their accounting and finances, as well as aspects related to the job such as estimating, purchase order entry, timesheets and expenses.

“The real advantage of Paprika is having everything linking seamlessly, particularly having full budget control linking to the back end financials – that is fantastically important to us” says Lee Bater, COO/ CFO, Vision Nine Group.

Whilst they still operate with a core team of only 40 people, Paprika has supported the fared growth and transformation of their business which now has a group turnover of £12M.

As the group structure of Vision Nine has evolved, their Paprika implementation has grown too. Vision Nine’s owned events are run as separate companies within the group and Paprika’s ability to support both finance and operations, in a structure that is both separate and tightly integrated, is vital.

Paprika also plays a fundamental role in tracking and ensuring the Vision Nine Group have complete control over their ever-changing event budgets and revisions:

“The ability to control permissions across the system with lots of flexibility improves budgetary control and has enables us to adapt Paprika to meet our changing requirements” Lee explains.

With Vision Nine’s renowned blend of creativity and highly effective and scalable operations, Lee is looking for Paprika to bring the latest technology and further increase operational efficiency within their business.

“The other main advantage is the fact that everyone within the business is all working from within one system. Having everyone from project management to finance using Paprika is hugely beneficial... these are just some of the reasons I have recommended Paprika to my other colleagues in the past”, Lee Bater, COO/ CFO, Vision Nine Group.

Vision Nine are on our QuickSilver support option and are entitled to regular account management visits as part of their ongoing package. Our training and implementation consultants continue to work with Lee and his team as client partners, constantly addressing how the business is changing and re-evaluating how to best configure Paprika and improve efficiency across the group.


We would like to say a special thanks to Lee Bater, COO/ CFO at Vision Nine Group, for providing the quotes that accompany this case study.

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A number of our clients use Paprika. The feedback is that it is a sound integrated job costing and accounts system and more that can support agencies at all ends of the spectrum.

Mandy Merron, Partner, Kingston Smith W1