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i2 version 2.13 released

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Things are changing in the world of i2. 33 clients have already upgraded to the latest version after it was released in late October. As some of you begin to plan your upgrades with Client Services and our Upgrades department, it’s important you’re aware of the extent of the changes before you make the leap into i2 v 2.13.

So you don’t get spooked by this radical new look and changing functionality, here’s a little summary of the biggest transformations when upgrading to 2.13:


i2 Home Page

As soon as you login to i2 on 2.13, nothing will be familiar. But fear not, this is a good thing; you now have a new i2 home page and a new way of navigating around the programs using the left side menu.

On your very first visit you will open onto the programs tab by default. Whilst here you can drag and drop your favourites into the left menu so that the programs you use most regularly are quicker and easier for you to find. After you leave this tab and eventually log out, i2 will then resume to opening whichever tab you were last in before you logged out.


i2 programs page

Image 1: i2 Program tab new in 2.13

Profile Pages

The single biggest and best addition in 2.13 has to be the profile tab at the top of the new menu. The profile page has been specifically created with creative and studio users in mind. From the profile you can do a number of things and launch directly into all sorts of ‘everyday’ programs such as: daily timesheet, expense claims, leave request and some other cool stuff to.

Agency staff can keep track of their missing time by using the ‘missing time’ table, from here they can add time directly into the new daily timesheet by clicking on the days indicated in red. Also, any planned time will automatically appear in the ‘my week’ section and from here you can also add time directly into your timesheet by either starting the stop watch icon to begin timer or clicking on the plus icon to add time directly into your timesheet. As you can see, all roads now lead back to your timesheet. With visual reminders and several easy entry points we have made it so that there’s no excuse not to fill in timesheets – so sorry about that.


i1 profile home page

Image 2: i2 Profile home page new in 2.13

Daily Timesheet

Studies show that those staff that fill in a daily timesheet account time more accurately than those that complete timesheets on a weekly or monthly basis. For this reason our i2 developers have created a daily timesheet for you. It looks like this:


i2 daily timesheet

Image 3: i2 Daily timesheet new in 2.13

When upgrading to 2.13 the profile page will launch directly into the daily timesheet by default. Of course the multi-view timesheet program is still available and if you would like to set that as your agency default then contact the client services team and we can get that changed.


Dashboards are a new analytics tool in 2.13. For those that are upgrading you will not automatically have dashboard views available as this is a brand new feature. If you would like to arrange some FREE standard views to be set up for you then get in touch with our support team on +1.866.995.0379 or email Please be aware that not all configurations of Paprika are the same and some standard graphs may not behave as originally expected. Our Helpdesk will happily fix any teething problems with the standard views.

If you need help building and configuring bespoke dashboard views for you and your agency staff you may need to book some training with our consultants. Contact support


i2 Dashboard

Image 4: i2 Dashboard new in 2.13

Browsers have had a makeover

Client browser, Job browser and Supplier browser take on a new look inspired by the humble business card. The new browsers also boast improved search functionality with additional filtering capabilities, the ability to mark favourites and sort in a number of ways – making it faster to get to the information you need.


i2 client browser

Image 3: i2 Client browser changed in 2.13

What else do I need to know?


Release Notes: Before planning and booking your upgrade to 2.13, we recommend you read the full release notes on the wiki. These can be found under both the "What’s New" and "Release Notes" sections.


Wiki Documentation: All new programs and features are already documented on the wiki under the "Paprika Help" section titled "i2 (Web Version)". Brand new features are indicated with a red “New” beside them.

If you already have 2.13, you can launch directly to the documentation for each new feature by using the question mark help button found in the red toolbar of i2.

How do I upgrade?

Firstly you need to call or our support team on +1.866.995.0379. They will be able to take your details and submit your request to our upgrade's department. Every upgrade is planned and booked carefully to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. A member of the upgrades team will get back in touch to advise on next steps and send the relevant documentation needed to upgrade. Please be aware that upgrades are offered on a first come first served basis and there may be a waiting list.

Want to try Paprika?

Paprika is a powerful business tool, giving you complete control of your projects from inception to billing and beyond.

To find out more and to see how Paprika could benefit your agency, get in touch to arrange a convenient time to discuss your requirements further.

A number of our clients use Paprika. The feedback is that it is a sound integrated job costing and accounts system and more that can support agencies at all ends of the spectrum.

Mandy Merron, Partner, Kingston Smith W1