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New Release Bulletin: Paprika 8.1 & i2 2.15

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Paprika 8.1 and i2 version 2.15 were released simultaneously and a handful of clients have already been upgraded. As a result of the functionality added into Paprika 8.1, i2 2.15 was released as a compatibility version, but there are a few other little treasures which have sneaked in for good measure.

The full release notes for both versions are available on the wiki (under the “what’s New” section) and we recommend you have a look at those. There are over 100 additions to go through, so we’ve picked out the best bits for you and summarised it all in this bulletin…


Paprika 8.1

More i2 programs now available from Paprika

You can now launch into more of the popular i2 programs directly from your main Paprika menu. To do this, you will need to add the programs to your menu via menu maintenance. There are a total of 20 i2 programs which can be added to your program menu and the following are available from version 8.1:

  • Credit Card Expense Claim
  • Daily Timesheet
  • Expense Claim
  • I2 Home Page
  • Job Tracker
  • Strategic Time Planner
  • Supplier Maintenance

 i2 drop down

 Image 1: Paprika 8.1, i2 icon dropdown menu

If you need help adding the i2 programs to your menu, then don’t hesitate to contact us on


Sales Invoice/Credit – Statuses added

User defined statuses can now be implemented for Sales Invoices and Credits. This brings the Sales transactions, from draft to finalised, in line with purchase transactions. The process can all be setup from within System Maintenance. It’s also possible to set up alerts for status changes and put status restrictions in place too.


Views - Views Browser, view details, 'See everyone’s views' & improve name lookup

We have taken the first step in an effort to improve Views Maintenance by providing a new prototype Views Browser. This addition will lead to further development to create a new and easier way of maintaining views.

 8.1 views browser Image 2: Paprika 8.1, Views Browser (right click edit view of the view details screen)


N/A VAT Code changes

The existing N/A VAT code has been reassigned as a system code. This code is no longer under user control and cannot be used for sales or purchase transactions under any circumstances.


Sales and Order lines previously created with this VAT code will be updated to a new user definable VAT code ‘NAPP’. This code has user definable settings and can be used by purchase and sales transactions if the appropriate flags on the VAT Code are set. REV codes and EXP codes previously linked to the N/A code will also be updated to NAPP.


If you need assistance with this, then don’t hesitate to contact us on


Can edit text – Change column headings and menu descriptions

The new ‘Can edit text’ option, available for Class 1 users only, now allows users to change column headings and program names. This can be done via the following two methods:

  • Column headings in browsers (via ALT + Left Click on them), which can then be saved in browser view
  • Program names in Menu Maintenance (via right click on the program description in the ‘Program Names’ section)


Image 3 Column headings in browser Image 3: Paprika 8.1, Column headings in browsers (via ALT + Left Click on them)


Credit Controller – Enhancements

 Image 4 Credit Controller Daniel

 Image 4: Paprika 8.1, Credit Controller Program


After receiving some user feedback about our Credit Controller program, we’ve made some enhancements. Not only does it allow you to sort by overdue invoices, account balance and chase payment by largest outstanding invoice or longest overdue, it can now also do the following:

  • The Sales Analyser section can now use Column Selection
  • The Diary Text field has been added to the Sales Analyser Preset view column selection
  • The Revert icon has been replaced by the GO button to refresh the data
  • A shortcut icon to Cashbook has been added to allow users to enter additional receipts or allocate sales payments to unpaid invoices without having to close down one program and open another
  • The Filter tables now clearly indicate the section of the Credit Controller they relate to
  • The 'To Do List' can now show notes entered by other users and not only those entered by the user logged on. This can be achieved by use of the Filter icon
  • The 'To Do List' shows Client Shortname and Transaction Reference (where applicable).
  • Accounts contact information (see Client Maintenance release note above) added to the Aged Debtors Client Detail section, which allows for email correspondence via the relevant button

We hope that these changes will make the Credit Controller a valuable tool helping reduce client debtors, improve timely cash collection and your cash flow.


Personnel Maintenance – Working Week Schedule

The Working Week Schedule facility means that you’re now able to specify each employees weekly working hours. This functionality has been added in Personnel Maintenance and is a useful tool which enables you to analyse the time of employees that have irregular or uneven working hours throughout the week. It cleverly allows you to enter the amount of time for the week as a whole and per day AM & PM (in decimal or hours & minutes), seven days a week, that the person works.


working week 2 Image 5: Paprika 8.1, Woring Week Schedule in Personnel Maintenance


In i2, from version 2.15, the Leave Request program will also make use of this information, so that it can properly determine how many hours each day or half day is for an individual. The Daily Timesheet’s available hour’s indicator and the Missing Time calendar (in the Home Page Profile section) also makes use of the new data collected via the Working Week Schedule.


i2 version 2.15

Profile page - Personnel picture edit

A user can now see and edit the picture stored against them via the Profile page. Note, that the ability to edit the picture is controlled via a menu privilege: 'Allow Home Profile Picture Upload'

  Personnel pic i2

Image 6: i2 User Profile Page


Dashboard renaming

There’s now a simpler way to rename dashboard graphs, lists and counts. We’ve amended the functionality to allow you to rename the chart title and columns by editing the text directly in the column selection window, as shown in the screenshot below. Column Renaming

Image 7: i2 Dashboard renaming

Home Page and Job Tracker Dashboards - New column charts

Our dashboards now include two new column layout charts, which give similar results as the bar charts. The data is displayed vertically instead of horizontally and can now be created in both the Home Page and Job Tracker Dashboards.

  Column Chart

Image 8: i2 Dashboard example of a column chart


Stacked Column Chart

Image 9: i2 Dashboard example of a stacked column chart


In a compatible browser, you can create the following views using these naming conventions...

  • HOME_VIEW_(Chart order number)_COLUMN_(number of records)
  • HOME_VIEW_(Chart order number)_STACKEDCOLUMN_(number of records)
  • JOB_CHART_(Chart order number)_COLUMN_(number of records)
  • JOB_CHART_(Chart order number)_STACKEDCOLUMN_(number of records)


Menus - More programs available for non-Class 1 users

The following programs can now be added to the following licence class menus...

Class 3A

  • Order Analyser
  • Time Analyser

Class 3

  • Time Analyser


Working Week Schedule compatibility

With the addition of the working Week Schedule feature (see Paprika 8.1, page 4), changes have also been made to i2 to take advantage of this new functionality:

  • The Leave Request program will use the data entered in the Working Week Schedule to properly determine how many hours each day (or half day) equates to for the individual.
  • The Missing Time Calendar in the Home Page - Profile section of i2 uses the data to calculate missing time for that person.
  • The Daily Timesheet progress bar also uses the Working Week Schedule data.

iPhone and Android App Compatible

The latest i2 version 2.15 is compatible with the new Timesheet and Expenses apps. Both apps are developed for iPhone and android. However, android users must be on i2 v 2.15.04, or greater, and have a valid user account for your Paprika database.

New Expenses App:

Paprika users are now able to take pictures of their receipts and create expense claims directly from their mobile device. What’s more, users are able to view all their expense claims, the status of the claim, and amend existing claims too. The app attaches the receipt images to the expense lines as soon as they are added, this makes the approval process simpler and quicker to process. Expense administration at the end of the month is significantly reduced for all involved. It’s important to note that users must have a supplier account set up for the expenses app to function.


The timesheets app makes it quick and easy for agency staff to add time from their mobile device. It’s been around on iPhone for a while, and has recently been developed for Android. Android users will need to be on i2 version 2.15.04 in order to use the app.

To find out more about the Apps, check out our latest news coverage or refer to the wiki.



If you have any questions about any of the items listed in this document, or would like to arrange a demonstration, then feel free to contact us on

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