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The Credit Controller Browser

Credit Controller Screen Shot 2

(Note: this example has been generated from test data and is fictitious)

Unlike most accounting packages on the market, Paprika allows you to do more than just produce an aged debtors report. Paprika’s credit controller browser also enables you to sort chronologically by overdue invoices or by account balance - so you can choose to chase payments by the largest outstanding invoice or the longest overdue.

The aged debtor's summary uses colours to clearly indicate the degree the invoice is overdue:

Blue - not yet overdue
Orange - more than 30 days overdue
Red - more than 60 days overdue

You can also send statements and invoices directly via email from within the system, or print them, all branded nicely and ready to post. You can add notes on the system and schedule reminders on your to-do-list so that you know when to follow up and ensure you receive payment in good time.

What's more, the browser is flexible and allows you resize all areas depending on what it is you are working on. This feature is available from Paprika version 8.0 upwards - if you would like to know more, contact

Paprika has enabled us to change the way we report profitability, creating tighter controls over risk to ensure profit margins remain on target.

Selwyn Pye, Head of Financial Operations, Iris Worldwide