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3 Monkeys Communications

A recent installation for this full-service communications consultancy is already paying dividends. Discover what a difference Paprika is making to the business.

When we first met our clients at 3 Monkeys, they were running four different systems for their accounting, timesheets, expenses and job costing. They also had a number of different companies running under the 3 Monkeys umbrella which resulted in a complex recording mechanism which lacked transparency to key financial and operation data.

Greg Tullet, Financial Director at 3 Monkeys Communications, came to us explaining that their current processes were “manual and repetitive and open to human error”. He needed “one system that could replace and upgrade all the other systems and operate efficiently as one"– he needed Paprika.

Read on to hear what else Greg had to say…

Why choose Paprika?

“We had to cut down on administration and duplication of effort and provide the team with straight-forward access to data with one single point of entry.”

“Timesheets and budget tracking are crucial to our profitability and our ability to deliver seamless campaigns for our clients. So our staff has to easily understand the job life-cycle through all its stages from creation to completion and be able to track their own jobs and record their own time.”

“Also vital to us were solid financial functions, good reporting tools, excellent time-tracking and real-time information on jobs and statuses. Plus our agency is still expanding so we needed a system that would grow with us and would never need replacing.”

How was the implementation and training process?

“After Paprika was selected, product implementation and training was completed and within eight weeks we had gone live. The same trainer was used throughout the implementation so there was a lot of consistency and it was performed at a speed that allowed us to take it all in. We still have more training to go as we’re just realising the full extent of what we can do with Paprika.”

Are you starting to see any benefits to using Paprika?

“It’s early days but already the benefits of having one single fully integrated accounting, time recording and job costing software system is paying dividends. Firstly, the staff have responded really positively. They like the look of Paprika and find it easy to navigate and use.  It provides them with accurate information about their projects and allows them to take pro-active steps.”

“What’s reassuring for the directors of the agency is the fact that we can see what people are doing on each job in real time so we understand how a job is progressing and more importantly, how profitable that job and client is. There’s no re-keying of data as we no longer have to deal with a number of different systems, that aspect alone has saved us a lot of time and money in these first months with Paprika."

How do you feel about your future with Paprika?

 “We feel comfortable about the future knowing that we have invested in a system that is scalable and will grow with us. It’s basically future-proof!"


Greg Tullett
Financial Director

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A number of our clients use Paprika. The feedback is that it is a sound integrated job costing and accounts system and more that can support agencies at all ends of the spectrum.

Mandy Merron, Partner, Kingston Smith W1