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the partners correct

The Partners Design Consultants

The Partners Design Consultants (a WPP company) were juggling with multiple products and packages, and needed a user-friendly joined-up solution to bring all their data together into one place.

Why choose Paprika?

"The need to capture accurate financial data in one complete system that all can use. We require one complete system to manage all finance, job management and resourcing data without the need for complex imports and exports between different packages.  We want the latest most accurate data to help us manage our business. The system must be user friendly, not just for finance staff but for account managers and creative staff as well."


How does Paprika fit into your agency?

"Firstly, each employee has access to Paprika. This is key for us in order to have acceptance of the system and more importantly to gather the required data as accurately and quickly as possible.  We make as much use of Paprika as we can, from everyday accounting data input to resource planning (drop and drag planned time), project estimating, job management, etc." 


What benefits are you seeing now you're using Paprika?

"The short-term benefits were that the system instantly brought our data together: if the finance team enter a timesheet or expense against a job the data is instantly available for our account management team to view.  Also, managing resource in the building.  Using the time planner we are able to accurately forecast the required staff levels for future work.  Enabling us to get freelance support, if required, as early as possible.  This also alerts us to the possible over delivery on client work at the earliest opportunity."

"The long-term benefits are the continued development and support from the team at Agency Software Worldwide.  We know that the package will not stand still.  It will continue to develop and grow with our business.  Paprika has become part of our agency. It is the only piece of software that is used by every member of staff across three offices in London, New York and Singapore."

"We are now much more streamlined.  We can access and share accurate financial data, we can forecast and plan our future with all data stored centrally in one secure system that all can use.   The benefits of this are clear."


Greg Baxter
Financial Controller, London.

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Paprika has brought short- and long-term benefits to Four Communications: a much more commercial approach, hugely streamlined processes and fantastic management data at the click of the mouse.

Nan Williams, Group Chief Executive, Four Communications