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About us

At Paprika we believe together is about so much more than simply being connected. We live in a connected world, but often this does nothing to foster deeper understanding.

But what does together mean?

For us, together is about unity and purpose. Our single, integrated system has been designed to seamlessly knit together all the functions that make up a creative agency. This ensures our clients have total visibility, understanding and control of all of the things that drive their business, so they can focus on giving their clients the best service possible.

Together means more efficient.

With Paprika there is only ever one point of input for data. Once it's in, it’s in — and accessible to whichever part of the organisation requires it.

Together results in transparency.

We are continuously improving, to allow agencies to pull back and see the big picture and to zoom in to examine the smallest detail.

Together helps us to be better.

It means forging links with the community, like sponsoring the local school’s football team and raising money for farther-flung communities, too.

Together builds real connections.

Meaningful connections that allow you to move forward with the insight you need to succeed.

Together with Paprika, see your agency, all joined up.

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Users in 18 different countries are logging into Paprika everyday.


International offices

New York - London - Madrid - Milan - Singapore - Hong-Kong - Sydney

Our history

Some highlights of our first 40 years.


Incorporation and focus on Marketing and Communications Sector


Opened US office in New York with a localised version


Opened Spanish office in Madrid


Opened Italian office in Milan


Release of German version


Opened Australian office in Sydney


Expanded our UK office


Release of French language version


Release of Portuguese language version


Opened Paprika Singapore office


ISO 9001 and 27001 certification


Opened Paprika Hong Kong office


Opened Paprika France office

CSR: push for culture change

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit housing organisation working to empower people in the world’s poorest communities to overcome the chronic lack of decent housing. Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live. We are therefore constantly looking for new solutions that would make adequate housing accessible and affordable for all.

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Our growing networks of PEAS schools transform lives by providing high-quality secondary education to children who would otherwise struggle to go to school. We work in some of Uganda and Zambia’s most underserved areas, and proactively share what we learn with others so that our impact stretches far beyond our own communities.

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The Paprika team

Our 100-strong team have spent an average of eight years with the company. They work across four continents, supporting the six different language versions of Paprika and providing superb customer care in more than 10 different languages.

Natalia Moreno

International Implementation Trainer & Consultant

Natalia started with us in 2018 and works with clients to understand what they need from Paprika, set up, and train users. She also helps facilitate collaboration between the UK office and the international teams.

Elisa Bernasconi

Manager - Milan

With a Master’s degree in the Creation and Management of Companies obtained in Barcelona, a CIM Past-graduated degree obtained in the UK and an Honours Doctorate in Philosophy obtained in Milan, Elisa joined ASW way back in 2002 as a Software Support Analyst at our offices in Hadlow, Kent. By 2015 Elisa had returned to Italy to start up Paprika Software srl in Milan. Today Elisa has a team of eight people.

Shirley Liu

Manager - Singapore

Shirley became our Asia Country Manager in December 2018 when she and her husband and daughter relocated from London to Singapore. Shirley has a BSc with Honours in Mathematical Science and been a Paprika ‘user’ for 17 years. With her wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm Shirley has already won new clients for us.

Anne-Marie Priestley

Manager - Sydney

Anne-Marie arrived in the UK in 1994 having travelled extensively. She worked as Head of Finance for a creative consultancy business before joining ASW in 1998.  Anne-Marie remained with us as a Consultant and as our Company Secretary until 2014 when she and her family returned home to Australia.  She established our Sydney office and maintains clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Mathieu Dubois

Manager - Madrid

Mathieu was employed in 2005 to launch Paprika’s operation in the Spanish market, building a local team and adapting the product and services to the local needs. He has an MBA in Business Administration and Management, and now manages a team of 7 professionals, fully dedicated to our Spanish clients, including Consultants, Trainers, Client Service and Support Engineers. Based in Madrid, he is the lucky father of 4 children!

Jane Rosewell

Customer Care Manager - UK

Jane joined ASW in 1999 as a Training and Implementation Consultant, bringing with her extensive customer service experience gained in the communication and airline industries.

In 2012, she was appointed Customer Care Manager for the UK and heads the Client Engagement and Customer Care teams.

ISO and security

In 2017, Paprika achieved the ISO 27001 (the information security standard) and ISO 9001 (the quality management standard).

Paprika is dedicated to meeting the high standards set by the industry and as we move forward into the coming years, our constant review of security and management processes are rigorously tested by ISO audit to ensure our products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is continuously improved upon. In particular, the information and security standard, ISO 27001, offers ongoing reassurance to all Paprika Hosting clients by adhering to the strict security obligations required for ISO accreditation.

Click on the links for full details about ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 policy.

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