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With over three decades of experience in the field, a customer base across 20 different countries and capabilities in six different languages, we can tailor your solution to meet the needs of your team and your clients.

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Good communication is the lifeblood of any change process. We understand that information needs to be accurate, timely and readily accessible. Paprika dedicate time and effort in understanding your business and bring your visions to reality. 

Our approach

Over the years, our consultants have developed expertise in understanding how the key business drivers work in each agency. The implementation and training is geared to your agency’s unique culture. 

Our experienced trainers take a personal approach guiding you through the process to get you set up at the right pace for you and your agency. We train in small teams, ensuring all staff receive precisely the training they need to use your configured version of Paprika with full confidence.  

Implementation timeline

We work together in phases to ensure the integration of the software is timely and thorough. 

Planning meeting

Our team will meet you to understand your long-term objectives and immediate key business processes across all your teams. These will be mapped onto the configuration of Paprika ensuring that all are engineered into the system design.
Our experts will share their knowledge, experience and best practice currently adopted by the industry.

The output of the planning meeting is a system configuration document together with a time line and training plan. 

Configure Paprika

Paprika is configured according to the system configuration document. This involves the set-up of client specific coding, the configuration of workflows, the writing of some client specific reports or dashboards and the import of client static data. 


The ASW team will present the Paprika system in accordance with the information provided by our client in the form of a workshop. The detail of the configuration must be agreed by all parties before staff training commences. Changes to the configuration can be made at this stage and this may lead on to User Acceptance Testing.

Full user training

Our approach to training is very hands-on. We prefer to train users in a class room environment and make each training session interactive. Training is provided step by step.


We always encourage users to practice what they have learned in their test environment.

Account manager and Creative training

Training is tailored to your team. Account managers will be given tools to manage their projects. Creatives will have easy access to record and track their Timesheets and Expenses.

Go live

The Go-Live date is the date upon which the client switches to processing all data through Paprika. This includes both job and accounting data. Soon after this date we will also require a set of opening balances to import. 

The go-live date is not the end of training however and we would expect to be running training courses for 4 to 6 weeks at the clients offices after the go-live date.

Support and Solutions Team

We offer a support service whereby customers can choose the type of support that suits best and rather than charge annually in advance, customers can pay on a monthly basis for this service.

Our Support and Solutions Team boasts 15 languages so we can help as many people as possible with no crossed wires. 

Minimising Disruption

Our implementation methodology is tried, tested and based around a number of strategic key project phases. We manage this process carefully and precisely to minimise disruption. Implementing a new system requires knowledge of the industry and experienced staff. We will provide you this.

See Paprika in action

It can be difficult to appreciate how extensive Paprika agency management software really is, that’s why you have to see it in action for yourself. Book a demo for a non-obligation run through with one of our experts to show you the features that can transform your agency.

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