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February 22, 2021 • News

3 Steps to Managing Your Projects Effectively

We believe half of the projects that go over budget do so due to a breakdown of communication or because they were not aligned with the agency's goals. Managing projects effectively is possible but it can be challenging knowing what to look at.

Our Clients' feedback

"Just wanted to say a very big thank you and well done for the webinars. India is very clear and concise with her presenting and the content is always very relevant and well delivered with a touch of personality with it! Thank you."

Nicola Luker, Finance Manager at Heather Robinson


Bringing everyone & everything on the same page

Join this webinar to learn how to use Paprika to manage your projects and report on job and client profitability. This course will provide you with a better understanding of how project management can assist you in performing your role in your agency.

=> Effective project management in an easy and understandable way, ensuring your projects get done on time.

=> Sharpen your skills and learn new tools available for you

=> Discuss with your peers best practices in project management

Presenter: India Quow, Client Engagement consultant

India spent several years as a global revenue accountant before joining the Paprika family. Having used Paprika extensively in the past, she brought a wealth of experience and a keen insight into how agencies use Paprika.

Always a keen champion of the software, she understands that maintaining a healthy project management system requires preparation and hard work.She will show you how to manage projects effectively and use the software to its full potential, empowering you to face the daily challenges of your role.


The webinar is aimed at Class 2 users and is suitable for Account execs/managers/directors, Project Managers, Assistants/Producers and Resource/Studio Managers. The sessions are designed for users who already know how to use Paprika and are looking to review their processes and procedures to ensure they are using Paprika efficiently.


These 3 training sessions will provide you with everything you need to know about Project Management in Paprika.

We will teach you how to build estimates, create timelines, forecast revenue and costs. We will also cover how to monitor spend levels using the Job Tracker and other reporting tools.

- How to use Paprika to project manage effectively

- Help your team working better together

- Effective ways to communicate with your teams to set priorities

- Ensure project milestones and budget expectations are met

- Determine team member expectations across all departments


The course will be split into 3 x 1.5 hour sessions:

Session 1, 9th March 1030-1200: Workflow, estimates and tasks

  • Workflow process
  • Entering and maintaining estimates
  • Creating timelines using Tasks
  • Scheduling and monitoring timelines using Gantt charts and Kanban


Session 2, 23rd March, 1030-1200: Estimate re-cap, forecasts and billing schedule

  • Brief recap on Estimates created in first webinar
  • Job Forecasting
  • Billing Schedules and Sales Invoicing in i2
  • Updating your FX Rates (new API)
  • Monitoring PO Spend


Session 3, 06th April 1030-1200:  Estimate re-cap, trackers and reporting

  • Brief recap on Estimates created in first webinar
  • All things Tracker
  • Project Reconciliation using Job Tracker
  • Reporting including Dashboard overview plus SQL reporting


Book early to avoid disappointment.

£20 per single session, book all 3 sessions for £55

It’s not necessary to sign up for all 3 sessions as there will be a short re-cap of estimates at the beginning of sessions 2 and 3.

Email or call us on 01732 811601.

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