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July 09, 2021 • News

Creativity & The Impact of a Crisis

What has changed is agency leaders' perspectives?

Are we better equipped now for the future? 


Out of adversity can come opportunity – and for many agencies, the global pandemic brought about fundamental changes to working life as we knew it.

Facebook thought leader and strategist Andy Childs claimed that a decade of digital growth had been compressed into just a few months. Now, as 42% of small businesses alone claim that they are more reliant on technology and 86% of bosses believe remote working will endure, agency leaders must weigh up their options in the wake of the pandemic.

“What is different with the current situation is that for the first time in most of our lifetimes, we are all affected by something, regardless of agency, client, country or time zone, so it’s about being extra supportive to our clients with this in mind. Now more than ever, we have to bring clarity to the chaos and prove ourselves the experts we are.” Josh Harrison, Commercial Director at Taxi Studio