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What does 2021 look like for agencies?

Download our latest guide produced in collaboration with leading agencies across the sector, discussing how they coped when COVID-19 struck and how they feel these changes will affect their plans. This guide has been produced with extensive research and insight from the industry to enable us to explore the future.

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May 06, 2021 • News

Finding and hiring new talent this year

Today’s working environment leans on working smarter and this also means finding and hiring the right people. Whilst flexible working may foster diversity of talent, 63% of employers who attempted to recruit reported difficulty finding staff.

The BCC’s Quarterly Recruitment Outlook for Q1 2021, a survey of over 5,900 businesses from across the UK, shows an increase in the percentage of firms expecting workforce growth. As employers compete to find new talent, recruitment agencies offer new approaches to find the best candidates.

DMCG Global is a global talent consultancy that helps quickly connect agencies and brands with the right individuals anywhere on the planet. This new approach to talent acquisition is rooted in the sharing of networks and communities.

In this interview, Adam Michael Toctan, Executive Partner & Co-Founder at DMCG Global shares with us an inside look at the impact of COVID-19 on their industry and the company's plans to succeed and contribute in the best way possible to its future needs.

DMCG Global is working with some of the world’s top brands. How have your clients dealt with this crisis? How has it impacted their workforce and their research for new talent?

Many of our clients are delaying hiring or moving slowly and of course it’s totally understandable. For many they are looking at how best to retain their key staff and, in many cases, their entire workforce if possible.

The idea of hiring whilst they make cuts just doesn’t sit well with many businesses. Our Group clients are the most affected with the usual red tape being even more of an issue.

Do you see opportunities in the market?

Critical key hires or hires based upon business wins still have senior support to try and push through. Strong independents with a variety of services and strong offers are the most stable. Government & Crisis-led clients are hiring as are our partners in Tech, Digital & Social.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

We are starting to see positive signs coming out of China and emerging markets, whilst a number of clients believe that we will start to see a ‘boom’ in July once lockdown eases.

As for Singapore, this year will be tough for many, so we are learning as we go and are already planning a bold new vision for 2021.

What has this exceptional situation taught you? To what extent will it affect the services you will offer to your clients?

I believe we will have a very different offering in 2021. WFH has already done wonders, proving if you are organised and focussed you can be as productive, if not more.

We are looking to ensure that clients and candidates have the best possible service from our staff – that means hiring the best of the best where possible, if that comes at a cost so be it.

We are looking to grow our geographical footprint with key staff in multiple locations, and offer up a much wider range of recruitment plans - being flexible is a must. A wider range of clients and opportunities to present to super-star candidates will also be a key focus.

When we emerge from this crisis, the way of relating and consuming in our society will undergo a radical change. How do you imagine the agency relationship after the crisis?

Relationships are key and those that were strong before C-19 will remain. What you do now will define who partners with you and who doesn’t, so keeping in touch with old and new clients has never been so important. Offering flexibility and compassion as well as the usual top-notch service will not only be required but expected.

Will Covid-19 have a positive and lasting impact on the industry?

C-19 will have a huge ‘clear-out’ effect on both our clients and our industry removing those that are unscrupulous, untrustworthy, or unimpressive – this is no bad thing as this should pave the way for better people, better products, better services and a better experience for all. C-19 has been a once in a lifetime event, and as such businesses operating in the same way post C-19 will struggle to compete with those that have learnt and adapted through this event.


Nobody knows what the ultimate outcome of the COVID-19 crisis will be, but one thing is certain—we are stronger when we act together. The lessons we absorb and the energy we put into making positive choices today will make a meaningful difference tomorrow.