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December 08, 2022 • News

How to send emails from Paprika i2

We are constantly adding to Paprika i2 and would love you to use more of it, so we have developed a series of videos to help you move from desktop Paprika to Paprika i2.  We thought we would start with the programs that you use to communicate with your suppliers, clients and colleagues and have produced short videos to show you how to use and email from:


Payment Run and remittances


Missing Time report


Sales Invoice finalisation


Order entry


Job Estimator


Sales Credit finalisation



1. How to use Payment Run and email your suppliers


2. How to use Missing Time and email your report


3. How to email your sales invoices to your clients


4. How to create a purchase order and email it to your suppliers


5. How to email your job estimate to your client or budget holder


6. How to finalise a draft credit and email it to your client


Thank you, we hope you have found these videos useful. If you have any questions or would like further advice please reach out to our helpdesk or call them on 01732 811602.