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September 08, 2022 • News

Integrated systems vs one integrated system: What’s the difference?

It has certainly started before anyone has heard of COVID-19 but in the past year and a half we have increased our reliance on a diverse range of tools to manage our tasks, plan our schedules, track our time and manage our financials.

Tools multiply and have become an even more essential part of just doing our jobs minute by minute. But as information is being shared so effectively it has become diffused over a multitude of places and systems that are becoming too numerous.

In our ever-connected world, any piece of software that is worthy of our attention comes readily equipped with APIs to link to every other system that we might want. And if the connections become too obscure, then there are clever workflow integrators like Zapier, n8n and IFTTT that will connect anything to anything.

While this works for a simple model, in the real world, replicating versions of the same information in multiple places greatly reduces the certainty that any of them are the whole story. Even worse, you could end up with false information and make the wrong decisions.


Where is your single source of truth?

Instead of having your data in separate places with many different systems (and perhaps even in a patchwork of spreadsheets), wouldn’t it be great to only have one place where everyone knows how and where to find the information they need?

With an integrated system, you have a way to gather and organise all your data, business processes and teams from a single, integrated platform - making your agency much more efficien

The ethos of Paprika as a single system is that it quite simply captures information from the point that it is generated and delivers it in an appropriate format to where it is needed.



Get a view of your entire agency in one system

Paprika Software works as one integrated solution where everyone can share the same database in real-time. Instead of passing information between different systems, Paprika is like a puzzle where each piece fits tightly with the others together and all the pieces become one.

If you wish to discuss how Paprika can improve your agency’s efficiency, speak to us today.