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March 19, 2024 • News

Job Tracker Webinar

Clarity For Project Management Muddles!

Have you lost track of the little details that make up a client’s project, like who, what, why and when? 

Well, Paprika’s i2 Job Tracker could be the solution to your confusion. 

In this short webinar, we provide a brief walkthrough of the Job Tracker feature in Paprika, this tracker allows you to manage your projects’ entire workflow, from start to finish.

We will be covering the different Job Tracker tabs, like:

  • Job Details – an overview of the project
  • Dashboards – Custom built, visual dashboards to help monitor project progression
  • Estimates – Project budget revisions in one place
  • Tasks – Task board layout of all the tasks for a project
  • Time – A Gantt chart of time, planned and spent time
  • Kanban – Project and task workflow boards 

Watch the Job Tracker webinar now