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March 10, 2021 • News

Kanban Tutorial: Boost your teams efficiency

Learn how to use Kanban under 5 minutes!

Simple, visual and intuitive, Kanban is the easiest way to manage all your teams work, projects and tasks in one place

What is Kanban?

A great project management tool that brings all your tasks into one single view.

Simple, visual and intuitive, it gives everyone visibility to see what needs to get done and helps you manage even the most complex projects in a simple way. 

What are the benefits?

1. Eliminate "bottlenecks"

Optimise the life-cycle of your projects. Break projects downs into tasks, and see in one single view what needs to get done and what’s stopping your workflow.

2. Avoid project delays

It’s easy for your teams to handle their tasks when due and track the days left before the deadline. 

3. Visualise your workflow

See in real-time where project stands whilst still on-going and how different tasks are progressing instantly. 

4. Bring teams together

Manage all your teams’ work in one single place and track easily their progress.

5. Remove the guesswork

Where are we now? The exact status of a project is sometimes unknown.

Kanban will help you know if the project is completed, in progress or if it hasn’t started.

6. Give instant feedback

Who is working on what? What should I do next?

Let your team members know immediately what they should be doing and set priorities.

Keep everyone on the same page so that your projects run smoothly from start to finish.

7. Handle last minute requests

Manage any sudden changes and respond effectively to any client’s requests.


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