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July 13, 2022 • News

Keep track of your projects from start to finish

No more guesses about where to find the information you’re looking for...

Whether you’re interested in seeing top-level job performance, or a detailed analysis of key areas, Job Tracker has been specifically designed to make job management easier.

You can view your project profitability in real-time (and when we are saying real-time, we mean that the data is updated instantly - not once a day!) so you can make the right decisions to improve margins.

Job tracker helps you track all time, costs, estimates and invoices in ONE program to proactively check project health and completion.


Key benefits

- Instantly review resourcing

- Track time budgeted, planned, and actual

- Ensure deadlines and milestones of the project are being met

- Review and revise budgets as changes occur

- Monitor at a glance with Dashboards and key reporting tools

- Assess the progress of the job and compare it with the original plan

- In-depth analysis of 3rd party costs and expenses

- Check what’s been billed and manage cashflow

- Flag potential issues early to avoid expensive surprises



The program


Job Details 

Get an overview of key job figures and create your own bespoke summaries.


Hardcoded key information that shows a range of budget vs actual figures.


Assess project health in simple and visual ways

Completely customisable, bespoke dashboards are designed to show the information that truly matters to you, your department or your team.


Quickly see all the revisions of an estimate, their value and approval stages. Use quick links to easily amend the budget as your plans change.

Time tab 

See all-time in an interactive breakdown designed to let you analyse real-time information in a multitude of ways.

Forecast planned and actual time can be viewed by Task, Person, Role or Activity.

You can choose to see either hours or value and can set the detail level to days, weeks or months.


Time Analyser

Create bespoke reports to get an in-depth analysis of the time spent on your project.

Orders and Expenses

Instantly see your 3rd party costs and what stage they are at.

Compare Estimated vs actual costs, analyse your WIP and see what’s left to come in.

Drill down to get further financial information.

Draft and Sales Transactions

Empower account managers to take control and analyse their billing before they hit the ledger.

See what’s already been billed to the client, check if they’ve paid or drill down further to see fees in advance.


See the breakdown of your time and how you’ve broken out the work to be done.

Instantly see time spent on each task with progress bars.

Use colour coding to easily see what stage they are at or which actions are required. 


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