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October 01, 2020 • News

NEW: Automated Journal Feature

Submitting your VAT figures to HMRC has never been easier!

With the introduction of our Making Tax Digital platform in Paprika, submitting your VAT figures to HMRC has never been easier!

Simply reconcile your figures using our VAT Reconciliation program, save them with your reference and use the same reference to submit your return. 

Now, from Paprika version 8.3.0, we have developed a way to further simplify and save even more time when submitting.


Do you have got separate input and output VAT Nominals?

Our new Automatic Journal feature allows you to post your clear down journal to your VAT liability account straight after a successful submission to HMRC. Simply submit your figures, click on next and Paprika will calculate the rest for you! 

Stress-free and time saving, just review your Journal based on your submission and press post to clear the balances down to your liability account.


Don’t have this feature set up?

As long as you submit via the VAT Returns program, all we need is to apply your VAT Liability Nominal Code to your Data – contact our Helpdesk team to make submissions even simpler!  

Contact us on helpdesk@paprika-software.com or call 01732811602