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January 20, 2020 • News

The Outlook Creative Group

The Outlook Creative Group is a design, production and communications agency based in Northampton. The group has worked with us since 2002, first implementing Paprika systems as its chosen accounting package, and then continuing to explore its other capabilities over the years.

The relationship

When Outlook first approached Paprika it was an agency of 20 people. Since then it has doubled in size and has a £5m annual turnover. Although the original requirement was an accounting system, Paprika’s systems are now used holistically across the business from resourcing and estimating tools to timesheet management, CRM Solutions and invoicing.

Amie Faulkner, Operations Manager at Outlook, said: “Paprika started out as very much an accounting function. It was why it was purchased. It was bought with the foresight that it was designed for the creative industry, but I don’t think we ever thought we would use it to the level that we do now.”


“It does everything. It’s a full package for us. It monitors everything on our jobs, we have everything behind the scenes on it and we don’t use any other system.”

The future

Paprika is constantly developing its products and services. Generally, there is a new release every six months, bringing new programs and features that clients can implement.

Over the years, it has built a strong support network, from helpdesk analysts to seasoned trainers and consultants. The support teams are more than capable of helping clients like Outlook overcome some of the challenges they are experiencing due to growth. The aim is to continually improve, refine and enhance their Paprika set-up so that it mirrors how they work today but is capable of adapting for the needs of tomorrow.

Terri Salisbury, Production/Project Manager at Outlook, said: “You can use Paprika as much or as little as you like, according to where your company is at. I think, as we’re growing, we’re going to be using it more and more – and using it more intelligently as well.”


Amie added: “Paprika has changed with us and that’s been one of the key things. We’ve had challenges as well. We went over to Single Data Multi-Company, which was a whole other can of worms entirely, but we’ve run with it and we understand it now and that’s worked really well. We had such good support for the integration of that – that was brilliant.”


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