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February 19, 2024 • News

Resource Webinar

Do you have the right resources for the right clients at the right time?


Today’s webinar is all about how to get your resources in order. 

What is your team’s capacity? Are they snowed under or are things looking clear?

 Are you able to plan for possibilities in your pipeline or unexpected client demands?

 Our new webinar is all about making the most of your resources, you can plan, plot and forecast your team’s workloads and capacities.

 In this webinar we are going to show you:

  • Managing your projects effectively to ensure you assign the best team for the job.
  • Monitor and gain new insights into your busiest periods by using our Forecasting tool.
  • Define project goals and task milestones with our Interactive Gantt chart.
  • Managing workflow with Kanban and keep up to date with emails alerts.
  • Book those all-important recurring internal meetings with ease.
  • Using Paprika’s integrated Leave request and Approval functionality 

 Click to watch our latest webinar - Resourcing