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December 14, 2021 • News

How to Manage Your Resources More Efficiently?

What’s Time Planner?

With a clear, concise layout and easy-to-use features, Time Planner allows you to instantly check your teams capacity and react accordingly.

- See each team member’s schedule on a weekly or monthly basis in a simple grid view.

- Spot availability easily, drag & drop to distribute time at project or task level

- Keep everyone on the same page

- Upload planned time directly into your team's timesheets 

- Check who’s on holiday or sick leave


How it works?

Whether planning at a granular or daily level, Time Planner allows users or resourcing managers to plan their days and lets you know what’s going on.

• Easy scheduling

The simple drag and drop function of the program enables you to spot availability and swiftly react and rearrange.

• Better visibility

Check instantly who is working from home or in the office, the extra transparency ensures everyone is on the same page. The visual representation of the time block lets you see at a glance what each person is up to.

The automatic colour coding in the background helps you manage resources effectively by showing staff capacity and over-allocation.

• Wide and flexible range of settings

Tailor the settings to your needs - with the ability to view up to 4 weeks at any one time, resourcing for your agency has never been easier. Choose colour coding based on different key criteria that matters to you (by job statuses, fee types, or analysis codes).

Create bespoke views by skills, departments, or teams. Group together common jobs and add the ones that matter to you.

• Powerful analytic tools

With all of your information in the system, you can start to analyse and report on your agency’s time focusing on your KPIs.

Dashboards show instantly in one place all the information you need to know. Create lists of upcoming Annual Leave, who’s in the office and who’s at home all in one place. Set up Team reports for the rest of the agency so they have more visibility and transparency for what everyone else is up to.

• Instant integration with other resource planning tools

Schedule Meetings: The central planning solution flows through to other areas of Paprika to make checking availability even easier and offers smart features to suggest dates that will work for everyone. 

The read-only version of Time Planner includes a filter to look at only specific jobs, allowing you and your users to drown out the background information and focus solely on what matters to them. The read-only nature of the program means that users can’t edit the entries from this screen, giving you more control in your resourcing.

Automatically upload planned time into users’ timesheets to make Time Tracking even easier and help your teams to fill out their timesheets faster than ever. Easily compare your scheduled time with actual hours worked to get a true picture of your project's progress.

Link your Time Planner entries to your Outlook or Google Calendar to make sure you’re not clashing with any meetings you have already set up with our iCal feature. Why not get your Smart speaker (Alexa, Siri, or Galaxy Home) to read out your agenda each morning, or get notifications on your phone to see what’s on every day?

Time off automatically becomes part of your resource plans. Using the Leave request and Leave Approval programs mean that Planned Time is created automatically when putting in requests for time off.

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