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August 01, 2018 • News

What did you miss at this year's Breakfast Seminar?

Paprika held its annual Breakfast seminar at the beginning of July this year. We had a super turn out, and it was so lovely to see familiar faces and catch up with lots of Paprika people. I know a few were unable to make it on the day but don’t worry, here is a little recap:

Speaker: Jane Rosewell

Paprika’s Head of Client Services, Jane, opened up the seminar with an introduction to the morning’s theme and speakers.

Speaker: India Quow

India is part of our Client Engagement team and gave a presentation on Job Forecasting in i2, including browsers, unidentified forecasts and intercompany billing.

India began by talking about the steps you need to take when setting up job forecaster. She then moved on to defining job forecaster and gave clients a clear explanation of what it does and why it can be such a powerful tool.

For more information on India's presentation, or to request a demonstration on any of the forecasting programs mentioned in India’s discussion, please email ClientEngagement@paprika-software.com

Speaker: Benjamin Baker

Benjamin began his Paprika career on the helpdesk and then quickly moved into the Client Engagement team, since then Ben has been advising Paprika clients and helping them create bespoke agency dashboards. He began his presentation by defining what dashboards are and how they work.

He then moved on to explaining the different type of dashboard graphs that are available, for example bar chart, stacked bar charts, columns, pie charts and many more. For more information on the aspects that were discussed by Benjamin please contact  ClientEngagement@paprika-software.com

Speaker: Daniel McGrath

Daniel works on the helpdesk and is extremely knowledgeable about Paprika and all its wonderful functions. He gave a presentation on User Defined Alerts.

User Defined Alerts can be set up for clients, expense claims, jobs, orders, suppliers and tasks.

Daniel showed some interesting examples of their uses, such as setting up an alert which will email the project manager when a project has used 80% of the budgeted fee.  Or emailing a user if they have entered the wrong vat code against a line item.  Please get in touch with our Customer Care team if you are interested in finding out more about user defined alerts customercare@paprika-software.com

Before we broke for tea and coffee, we saw a fabulous five minute film put together by our global team - if you're thinking about opening an office overseas you should check out the video and see where we have offices. Just visit our social media sites.

We then had a 30 minute networking break, with the usual tea, coffee and juice plus some enormous mouth-watering pastries!

Speaker: Kirsty Dunphy

Kirsty is founder member of the Client Engagement team and focused on the expense app for android and iphones. To use this application you must be using a compatible version of Paprika. Users can enter Expense Claims, and/or Credit Card Claims if they have a valid Supplier Account set up in Paprika and linked to their Personnel record.

Kirsty then showed how to connect to Paprika and how to enter an expense claim on the move - this is a great way to complete them if you are out and about and only have your work phone on you.

If you are on older versions but would like to start using the apps at your agency, then please contact our Customer Care team on customercare@paprika-software.com to discuss upgrading to a compatible version.

Speaker: Nick Tomlinson

You may be wondering, what’s on the road map for Paprika? Nick, Founder and Managing Director of Paprika, demoed the latest functionality in Paprika and i2 and talked about his vision for what is coming next.

This part is very exciting, not only for our team but clients too as we get to see at least 6 months into the future of Paprika development and what we can expect next.

Nick also spoke about Pleo, which is something we are trialling at Paprika HQ. It has been working really well and Nick thought clients would be interested, as it’s a reliable and efficient way to track expenses: when you pay for a train ticket the app will automatically ask you to take a photo of your receipt which gets sent directly to the finance team who then monitor the claim. No more worrying about lost receipts and the claim will be finalised there and then.

At the end of the seminar all attendees received a copy of the presentations on a USB stick contained in their handouts folder. If you would like a digital copy for your records, then feel free to email MatildaAB@paprika-software.com