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What does 2021 look like for agencies?

Download our latest guide produced in collaboration with leading agencies across the sector, discussing how they coped when COVID-19 struck and how they feel these changes will affect their plans. This guide has been produced with extensive research and insight from the industry to enable us to explore the future.

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September 08, 2020 • News

Taxi Studio

"It’s about preparedness, rather than predicting"

Taxi Studio are a brand expression agency using analysis and intuition to create and rejuvenate brands that prevail in the memory across a wide range of countries, cultures and media. Josh Harrison, Head of Finance, tells us how they’re adapting to the new working environment and what their priorities are moving forward.

What has this exceptional situation taught you?

We have to be comfortable with not knowing what is around the corner. It’s about preparedness, rather than predicting. The world was turned upside down overnight and we had to respond to that instantly. Mobilising to work from home on such short notice was difficult but the team at Taxi Studio are a resilient bunch and we did it with little if any disruption to our clients.

What are the measures that your company has taken in order to deal with the crisis, and which you will maintain in the future? Did you adapt your internal working processes?

Like many companies, we are still predominantly working from home, which is not without its teething problems but I do think that this way of working is here to stay in some capacity.

Recently, we’ve decided to implement resourcing planning and management tool and are already seeing the benefits. Systems are there to support a business and that is more evident than ever when working remotely.

Have you felt the need to adapt your offer to help your clients and respond to their new behaviours? 

We’re always tweaking our offer to an ever-changing landscape, that hasn’t changed with COVID. What is different with the current situation is that for the first time in most of our lifetimes, we are all affected by something, regardless of agency, client, country or time zone, so it’s about being extra supportive to our clients with this in mind. Now more than ever, we have to bring clarity to the chaos and prove ourselves the experts we are. 

What will returning ‘to normal’ look like for your agency?

I’ve never really got on board with “returning to normal” as I don’t think I’ve ever had a “normal” day at work, things always change and we have to adapt and move forward. Whilst we’re still working remotely in some form or another, it’s about ensuring the team are connected, supported, happy and above all safe