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January 15, 2021 • News

Email Alerts

  • Provide feedback, analysis and reminders
  • Highlight workflow updates and approval requirements
  • Receive Email Alerts for any changes in your data as they are updated
  • Reflect your own branding and and personalised message

How it works?

Whether your role involves monitoring Job profitability, Client and Supplier set up, approving quotes and transactions or dealing with Leave Requests, Paprika can let you know what’s happening as it happens.

Access directly to the area of the system that requires your attention thanks to an embedded link at the click of a button.

Many of our clients already have alert systems set in place that send system generated emails, however setting up HTML templates allows you to personalise these alerts and extract vital excerpts of information that aren’t available as standard - in vibrant, eye catching ways. You can even model them to adopt your own branding and logos. 

On top of your standard alerts our User Defined Alerts additional module provides the option to create tailored alerts that allow you to closely track job progress, pipelines, billing, actuals vs estimates, time and expenses.

You can even monitor and address human error set up issues as they arise!


Contact the Helpdesk on 01732 811602 or helpdesk@paprika-software.com and see how we can help you to stay alert! 

Already have this set up? Get in contact to see how we can improve your current templates.