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How to continue operating effectively in times of transition?

We believe that together means so much more than simply being connected. It is about working together to find solutions and overcome challenging situations

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Good communication is the lifeblood of any change process. We understand that information needs to be accurate, timely and readily accessible. Paprika dedicate time and effort in understanding your business and bring your visions to reality. 

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Resource & scheduling

Time is our most precious commodity. With an integrated solution, it’s easy to manage and allocate hours to best suit your teams’ availability and avoid project delays. 

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Estimating & quotes

Save endless hours of spreadsheets. Create accurate estimates and quotes in a few minutes and have all the budget information at your fingertips

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Managing clients & jobs

Simple and intelligent enquiry tools provide a centralised view of clients and projects.  Create and update records quickly with every detail you need, track on-going projects at a glance and manage client relationships effectively

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Client billing

Improve business productivity, save time and money. Our integrated and automated tools help to will optimise billing time, track payments easily and manage your cash flow efficiently. 

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Say goodbye to tedious paper processes. Streamline your purchasing with Paprika to make informed decisions, increase efficiency and save money. 

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Time & expenses

It’s never been so easy.  Capture, approve and track time and costs – by client, project or task, however you prefer

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A single, integrated solution

Paprika is configured to the requirements of your agency today, but is built with the flexibility to scale up functionality and reporting detail when you need to

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