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What does 2021 look like for agencies?

Download our latest guide produced in collaboration with leading agencies across the sector, discussing how they coped when COVID-19 struck and how they feel these changes will affect their plans. This guide has been produced with extensive research and insight from the industry to enable us to explore the future.

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2021: A shift in our Mindset

Out of adversity can come opportunity – and for many agencies, the global pandemic and the lockdowns has brought about fundamental changes in the working life of practically every person.  What lessons have we learned and what has changed that means we are in a better position to deal with what comes next?

March 26, 2021 • News

Project Management Seminar

August 17, 2018 • Events

Paprika tips and tricks Webinar invite!

Join us to reveal our latest tips and tricks on Paprika

August 02, 2018 • Events

2018-Breakfast Seminar- 6th July

Yes you heard it here first the Breakfast Seminar is back and is set to be our most popular event so far. This year we are returning to our favourite location which is TechUK. As always this is a FREE event for all our clients to get together and talk about Paprika, latest updates, what has been newly released and what is coming in the near future. We do hope you can all attend and cannot wait to...

June 20, 2018 • Events

Save the Date- 25th May VAT Reconciliation Seminar

This 3 hour seminar aims to discuss the best practice for entering VAT transactions into Paprika to make reconciling VAT easier. A variety of important points will be discussed such as issues that can come up during reconciliation, what mismatches mean, what is Reverse charge and how it is recorded in Paprika. We will be looking at changes to VAT from version 8.1 and learn how to build a view to...

April 24, 2018 • Events

12th April - WIP Reconciliation Seminar - Save the Date

This 3 hour masterclass will increase your understanding of your Paprika database and supply you with the expert knowledge needed to speed-up WIP reconciliation and month-end procedures. The interactive training seminar uses preconfigured test data and scenario based learning techniques to demonstrate the necessary steps to overcome common issues you may face when reconciling your data.

February 23, 2018 • Events

21st March - Month-end Seminar - Save the Date

Month-end is considered as one of the biggest challenges the finance team face, however, with a little planning and organisation you can get through the process in a matter of hours by following our key steps in Paprika. This half day training seminar is designed to provide finance users with the necessary competencies to complete month-end procedures in an accurate and timely fashion

January 23, 2018 • Events