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What is Scope Creep? How Agencies Can Reduce the Risk of Scope Creep

It starts out like any straight forward project, nothing to complex or challenging. You’ve got a clear brief, scoped the project, created a Gantt chart with delivery deadlines, worked out the budget and put together your resources.

June 26, 2024 • News

Scope Creep Project on screwed up Post it notes

Paprika Manchester Breakfast Seminar 2024

Growth for your agency is exciting! More clients, a bigger team, and a booming business – it all sounds fantastic. But rapid expansion can also come with growing pains: communication breakdowns, stressed-out staff, and ultimately, unhappy clients.

July 08, 2024 • Events

Paprika London Breakfast Seminar 2024

Join the Paprika Breakfast Seminar and discover how leading agencies are adapting and growing.

July 08, 2024 • Events

3 Steps to Managing Your Projects Effectively

We believe half of the projects that go over budget do so due to a breakdown of communication or because they were not aligned with the agency's goals. Managing projects effectively is possible but it can be challenging knowing what to look at.

February 22, 2021 • Events Webinars

Project Management Seminar - Wednesday 25th March - Save the date!

This is a seminar on how to use Paprika to manage your projects and report on job and client profitability. The content will cover how you can use Paprika to project manage effectively.  We can show you how to use Paprika to communicate with your teams to set priorities, ensure that project milestones and budget expectations are met, and determine team member expectations across all departments...

February 25, 2020 • Events

Reconciliation Seminar - Thursday 20th February - Save the date!

This seminar will cover some of the most important reconciliations (VAT, WIP and Foreign Currency) giving suggestions on best practice to avoid mistakes that can cause problems in the data. It will also highlight useful tips and tricks that can make reconciliations easier.

January 23, 2020 • Events

Dashboard Seminar - 17th October

This 3 hour training seminar will provide you with everything you need to know about dashboards and teach you how to build bespoke dashboard views for your agency. Dashboards, a business analytics tool, are only available from i2 version 2.14 upwards. They are a visual display of consolidated numbers, metrics and KPIs which aim to help your agency staff make quick and informed business decisions.

September 30, 2019 • Events