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Why Paprika?

All-in-one agency management software.   Paprika is the leading job costing, workflow management, and accounting system for creative agencies. Our fully integrated system helps drive efficiencies, streamline processes, increase profitability and enable agency growth.

November 01, 2021 • News

CRM Webinar: The central source for all your contact data

What's Contact Centre in Paprika? A fully interactive Customer Relationship Management system which has the additional benefit of being linked to your job costing system. This allows you a joined up one-system software approach, no more separate new business pipeline.

August 18, 2021 • News Webinars

6 Steps to Optimise your Accounts Payable Processes

Invoice processing doesn’t have to be hard. Being able to track and sort invoices at any stage and by any key information should be frictionless. With Paprika, you can manage everything within a single solution to simplify and speed up your processes. 

July 01, 2021 • News Webinars

Expel The Excel: On-demand Job Forecasting Webinar

We prepare forecasts because we want to predict the future. We do this so that we are not surprised by what is coming down the line and we can adapt to turn the future into our best case scenario. Within a company there’s seldom just one person providing an accurate view of everything that is ahead. In fact, nearly everyone holds a piece of the jigsaw making up the picture of the future that you...

June 21, 2021 • News Webinars

Mastering Time Management and Productivity Tools

Handling multiple projects at the same time is not an easy task.   Keeping everything centralised, your tasks, resources and projects together, ensure you can create organised processes to manage projects and allow your team to achieve their goals effectively. 

May 25, 2021 • News Webinars

Kanban Tutorial: Boost your teams efficiency

Learn how to use Kanban under 5 minutes! Simple, visual and intuitive, Kanban is the easiest way to manage all your teams work, projects and tasks in one place. 

March 10, 2021 • Webinars

3 Steps to Managing Your Projects Effectively

We believe half of the projects that go over budget do so due to a breakdown of communication or because they were not aligned with the agency's goals. Managing projects effectively is possible but it can be challenging knowing what to look at.

February 22, 2021 • Events Webinars