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What does 2021 look like for agencies?

Download our latest guide produced in collaboration with leading agencies across the sector, discussing how they coped when COVID-19 struck and how they feel these changes will affect their plans. This guide has been produced with extensive research and insight from the industry to enable us to explore the future.

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2021: A shift in our Mindset

Out of adversity can come opportunity – and for many agencies, the global pandemic and the lockdowns has brought about fundamental changes in the working life of practically every person.  What lessons have we learned and what has changed that means we are in a better position to deal with what comes next?

March 26, 2021 • News

Meet the team: Lisa Cameron, Head of Implementations & Projects

Lisa joined us back in 2017 and since then has been overseeing projects for international clients including new implementations and bespoke developments. Lisa owns a beautiful Spanish horse called Gitano and a French Bulldog called Nellie. In her spare time she can be seen riding or walking across the Kent Countryside with one or both of them!

October 28, 2020 •

Email Alerts: The right information to the right people at the right time

Keep on top of what’s going on in your business with system generated alerts and emails. Provide feedback, analysis and reminders. Highlight workflow updates and approval requirements. Receive Email Alerts for any changes in your data as they are updated. Reflect your own branding and personalised message.

October 21, 2020 • News

Richard Williams on using change as an impetus for growth

“Change, whether it is forced upon you or you bring it about yourself, is often what creates the significant milestones in a business.” For Richard Williams, Founding Partner of Design Bridge and then Williams Murray Hamm, change in all forms has been the impetus to take a different, challenging and successful path through life.  

October 08, 2020 • Case News

NEW: Automated Journal Feature

With the introduction of our Making Tax Digital platform in Paprika, submitting your VAT figures to HMRC has never been easier!

October 01, 2020 • News

Interview with Jon Kelly, Managing Director at Meet & Potato

Age-old fatherly advice and technology enabled live events and communications specialists, Meet and Potato to not only cope with the pandemic, but to rethink their long-term strategy. As the threat of lockdown grew, Managing Director Jon Kelly began to put into place a plan that had its roots in the wise words of his father.

September 24, 2020 • Case News


“It doesn’t matter how ready you are – it is the unpredictable impact of a situation on your clients’ business that produces the ripples that will inevitably affect your business, down the line.” Thus says, Jeremy Stern, CEO of PromoVeritas, Europe’s leading promotions compliance specialists.

September 10, 2020 • Case News